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#ABPMerch Laundry Guide

Helpful Tips & Tricks from Ashton

I’m a laundry/clean freak (thanks, Mom) and folks - especially my students - are always asking me how to best care for clothing. So I hope these tips and tricks help and that maybe a little of my laundry-OCD rubs off on ya!

  • Many of our products are individually dyed. This means each product’s color varies slightly from the next. Therefore, these products can fade very slightly over time with each wash. They can also become thread-barren or color-transfer onto other clothing if not cared for correctly.
  • Most of our products are screen-printed. So it’s best to wash those products inside out to avoid fading or “chipping” of the ink.
  • NEVER iron over top of screen-printing. It will cause the ink to melt! Iron around the ink/graphic or turn the item inside out and cover with a light cloth/hankie before ironing.
  • Washing our sweatpants and sweatshirts individually on the delicate/gentle cycle and drying them separately from other clothing will help to avoid peeling, shedding, color-transfer, and thread-barrenness.
  • We recommend hanging our products to dry to avoid shrinking. However, tumble drying on LOW heat also works.
  • If you are using tumble dry, shake clothing out and allow it to “rest”/cool down from the heat to avoid wrinkles when folding. *dryer sheets also help with wrinkles, freshness, and collecting lint.
  • Never dry anything on high heat other than towels or sheets — clothes shrink on high heat.
  • Empty the lint tray in your dryer after each load. Unless you want your dryer to blow up. ;)

Clothing Care Instructions

  • Tee Shirts/Sweatshirts
    Wash on cold, inside out if screen printed, with other color or dark items only, tumble dry on low heat or hang dry
  • Sweatpants/Joggers
    Wash on cold inside out, NO fabric softener, tumble dry on low heat or hang dry
  • Windbreakers/Bomber Jackets (Excluding LIMITLESS Camo Jacket — dry clean only!!!)
    Wash individually on delicate/gentle cycle, hang dry only *Woolite Delicate detergent recommended

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